Life Lately

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Life Lately -

Storm in Padova!

I keep opening the edit post page, looking at the blank space, not sure if I should write or not.

I wonder if I should publish so much about my life, going so deep, but it doesn’t feel okay for me to disappear and then just come back. So, while waiting to start following an editorial schedule again, I’ll explain you what’s going on in my life.

First, I don’t mean to throw this blog away. I love it and it’s giving me lot of satisfactions. If you are here for the recipes, please just know that I’ll come back as soon as possible, I love you and I thank you so much for your support. You can stop reading now, if you are not interested in the life part, so you have more time to cook some Brownies or Pasta for you and your loved ones :)

Now, this is a difficult topic to talk about.

I’ve been involved in so many events during this past few weeks, good ones, bad ones; it feels so strange to write about.

Last time I wrote, I was at my parents’ house in the south of Italy, waiting to know what the future was reserving me. And my future happened and it is not what I expected, at all.


Sunflowers at the Library, Padova

I’d like to cover the whole story, but it feels not like the right moment. To be short, I’m not at my parents’ house anymore. To say the truth I haven’t talk to them in a long time; shit happens, not just in movies or novels. Dan “saved” me and now I’m with him and his parents, the most kind altruistic people in the world. Living with them has taught me a lot. It’s changing me and now I see life with a different eye.

I’ve got myself to enter the Management and Marketing University in Bologna. I was so happy and sad at the same time, because I knew I wanted to study, to (re)start my life, but I couldn’t without my parents’ support, and I can’t have nor I want their support, not anymore.

It’s hard to talk about your parents with such feelings. They are still my family and I hope one day to fix our relationship, but for the moment I just want to build my life without them.


Beautiful Scilla

Best Italian Tiramisù

October 7, 2014 0 0

Best Italian Tiramisù //

Where to start.

Should I talk about Tiramisù first or should I talk about photography first?

Well, let’s start with photography, because I guess it could be interesting for my blogger readers.

I have been passionate with photoshop before I could even think to photography as a thing. Think to me like the nerd girl who spent her free time photoshopping this or that. So when I picked up a camera, a point and shoot one, the most natural thing for me was to edit colours in order to make every photo unique and more eye catching. Photoshop is a magical tool and you can totally change the mood of a photo with it. And yes, I do it everytime. You won’t ever ever see me show an unedited pics! Ever!

I mean, why leave the photo natural, dark and dull when you can make it gorgeous and shining with just one click?

Yes, I said one click. Because photoshop can be very time consuming, or not. If you use photoshop you may ever heard about actions or presets. They basically are pre-loaded sets of filters you can use to change the look or mood of a photo. You record it and then you use it every time you want. And in one minute your photo can be ready to be published.

Here is an example of a before and after of the mouth watering Tiramisù I’m going to talk about.

Best Italian Tiramisù //

How Long

October 1, 2014 0 0

How Long //

Alone, in the darkness of the night, I let my thoughts flow away from my soul.

Night used to be the worst, alone and melancholic, talking to the moon about my fears.

But It seems like a long time ago and since then a lot has happened that made those feelings look so small and insignificant.

One day it just came, unexpected, overwhelming.


And the night was not a moment of fears anymore. I was safe, I feel safe, with him.

Sleeping in his arms, I was loved, the happiest self I could be, renewed hope.

Now I wish I could be with him, my lover and half, I wish we could be in our tiny room, in our tiny home, one thing, now and for all days and nights to come.

I wake up everyday, hoping to see his sleepy face gently brightened by the sun, but it’s me, always me and my fear to loose my everything, the half of me, for ever.

And I know we plan to be together again, soon, as soon as life allows us, but I’m scared every day and every night, scared for life to keep us away.

How long I have to wait to see his deep blue eyes again? How long I have to wait to touch his soft skin again? How long I have to wait to fall asleep in his arms again?

How long I have to wait to be home again?

Home //

Photos from this post have been shot with a Kiev 4A

Red Bean Peanut Salad

September 27, 2014 0 0

Red Bean Peanut Salad //

What’s going on into my life that is preventing me from publishing 3 to 4 post per week, as usual?

Well, things are happening but most and foremost I have a logistic problem, as said on a previous post, and unfortunately it looks like this “no-home” thing it’s going to last more than expected.

Not that I couldn’t actually cook or blog, I could do both, but I just feel uncomfortable doing so where I am now.

Yes, it’s a sad thing, because I love to cook, I love to develop recipes, I love to photograph them, I love to blog about them. But it just is not the right place and not the right moment. I can’t use internet as much as I’d need if I want to keep up with my schedule, and I just can’t create a super duper mess in the kitchen like I’d like to do.

Whoa, I can cook, but, who like to cook in a not familiar place and a self-imposed imperative to not create The Chaos? And I emphasize the uppercase. I create the chaos in the kitchen and I LOVE it! It’s part of the process, it’s part of this wonderful art! I love to go messy, to change idea during the process, to make the kitchen very very dirt and then clean it with a big giant smile and a sweet song from the ’50. Ok, maybe I lied exaggerated the last part, but I do actually like to clean the kitchen after The Chaos has been created (way less during normal days).

Red Bean Peanut Salad //

The Vegetarian Survival Guide – Italy!

September 22, 2014 0 0

“Hello, do you serve any vegetarian dish?”

“Mmm, vegetarian like… no meat?”


“Like… no meat at all?”

“Yes, sure!”

“But, like not even chicken or ham, tuna and…”

“No meat and fish AT ALL!”

This is one of those kind of conversation that really really pisses me off, because it happens far too many times!

I get it, why so many people don’t understand vegetarians. They don’t know what they don’t find interesting, I get it (I have a really poor idea of what is Paleo and what is not). But! Vegetarian is very antique and consolidated and… I live in Italy.

Let me tell you some fact about vegetarianism in Italy:

We are 10% of the total population.

6 million people.

6 million.

How it’s even possible that, with a percentage like this, hundreds of thousands of people  don’t know the meaning of vegetarianism.

In any case, Italy offers quite a lot of possibility for vegetarians ( less for vegans).

Even with the “americanization” of food that is bringing lot of cheeseburgers and crap over our tables (but likely also lots of vegetarian and vegan ingredients, superfood and stuff), we have a very strong tradition of veggie cooking.

So, without any more indulging, here some tips and tricks (mostly for the vegetarians out there) to enjoy your holiday in the homeland of pizza, pasta and gelato.

The Vegetarian Survival Guide - Italy -