Low Fat Chocolate Sauce + Berry Jam Dip

September 16, 2014 0 0

Chocolate Sauce + Berry Jam Dip // GreenRoadtoBliss.com

Sorry low fat chocolate sauce.

Sorry berry jam.

And sorry almond cookies.

You are not the main characters today. Yes, I know, yours the recipe, yours the glory. Or at least this is how it was supposed to be.

But then Silvia, my beautiful lovely little sister, offered to taste a dipped cookie and gosh, she is so beautiful and camera catching!

Chocolate Sauce + Berry Jam Dip // GreenRoadtoBliss.com

And sorry to you too, my dear readers, cause I couldn’t shot some decent photos of this super quick and super easy recipe.

My camera and lens, my eyes, were captured by one of my favourite human being in the world and unfortunately food just happened to be less important.

Chocolate Sauce + Berry Jam Dip // GreenRoadtoBliss.com

Date Paste – The Healthiest Natural Sweetener

September 14, 2014 0 0

Date Paste - The Healthiest Natural Sweetener // GreenRoadtoBliss.com

My vegan recipe development adventures haven’t started with Green Road to Bliss, but they almost immediately did start with a blog.

Since the very first times of vegan baking and raw experiments, I felt the need to share my experience and sometimes disasters, in order to spread the plant-based vegan message in Italy.

When I opened the blog I felt like nobody cared about vegan dessert, except me, and I was very happy and proud to be the one who shared some inspiration.

I later discovered some very inspiring italian bloggers who already shared tons of great vegan and vegetarian recipes, but they definitely are not as many as in the US. The all blogging movement is not that strong in Italy, even if we apparently have one of the most influential blogger of the world, Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad.

Going back to the old me, at one point I decided I needed a break from the whole blogging thing, and when I started again, I felt like I needed a new “home” for my recipes and especially I needed a new motivation. I wasn’t very successful and I felt like nobody was reading me, which is quite the truth, at least according to Analytics ;)

Date Paste - The Healthiest Natural Sweetener // GreenRoadtoBliss.com

Warning: do not put the wooden spoon inside the blender with the blender processing dates. It will (probably) break ;)

Linguine with Green Beans

September 11, 2014 2 0

Linguine with Green Beans // GreenRoadtoBliss.com

I was kind of unsure whether to publish this recipe or not.

It seriously is one of the easiest, quick recipe ever, which is a great thing by the way, but sometimes I feel like a blogger should publish elaborated recipes only .

But then I thought that we, all of us, live in the real world, which is made of days full of work, study and various kinds of commitments. Just be real for a moment.

It would be great to eat fabulous meals everyday, in a utopistic imaginary world. The truth is the most of us don’t have time or simply don’t want to prepare super laborious meals 3 times a day, everyday.

I must be honest, I love quick recipes!

Everybody loves quick recipes, and this is totally fine.

Linguine with Green Beans // GreenRoadtoBliss.com

Yogurt Cheesecake in a Jar

September 7, 2014 2 0

Yogurt Cheesecake in a Jar // GreenRoadtoBliss.com

There are those days everything you crave is sugar. And fat.

Not sugar in the form of fruit or fat in the form of avocado.

No. You crave sugar and fat in the form of a big slice of cheesecake, red velvet cake, italian tiramisù.

When you have those kind of cravings you can decide to indulge or you can decide to refuse to feed your mind and body with the desired item.

I strongly believe that, everybody who feel the need, should treat himself with a weekly unhealthy dose of food. I talk by personal experience, so maybe it won’t work with you. But I find that giving myself the chance to choose a dinner of indulgence, helps me keep motivated and choose the right food during the rest of the week.

I must say that, the more you go on with a plant-based diet, the more your cravings will be “healthier”. For example, right now, I’m craving the awesome dates I found yesterday at the local fruit market in Treviso (where my nomadism has taken me right now).

Yogurt Cheesecake in a Jar // GreenRoadtoBliss.com


September 5, 2014 0 0

Laura // GreenRoadtoBliss.com

I shot this photos  during spring and it was a very special day.

Laura is the drummer and co-founder of my sister’s band, the awesome Drunklit. I knew since the first time I saw her that one day I would have captured her beauty.

After a few months since that moment, I finally find the time (and courage) to ask her for a shoot.

I’m not that confident in asking people to model for me; I know it can be quite embarrassing to pose in front of the camera and I don’t like to be the one who put people in the condition of being embarrassed. But then I proposed Laura to have a little shot together and she, very enthusiastically, asked me what I had in mind! She really wanted to model for me.

We decided for an afternoon of test shoot, just to make her feel confident in front of the camera.

Cecilia, my sister, did her makeup and hair, together we decided three different outfit. We went to the location and we started.

It was really amazing to see the improvements we both did in a few hours.

At first she was a little shy and insecure while I gave her directions on how to pose. After a couple of hours we were completely connected. She almost knew what to do before I could even ask her.

In my opinion, this is one of the reason that make photography so magical. In a few hours you can feel the other human being who is working with you. And the other human being can feel you.

I believe that, in a certain way, we are all linked together and photography is one of those things that can bring that link to life.

I hope to shoot Laura again very very soon.

Laura // GreenRoadtoBliss.com