Red Bean Peanut Salad

September 27, 2014 0 0

Red Bean Peanut Salad //

What’s going on into my life that is preventing me from publishing 3 to 4 post per week, as usual?

Well, things are happening but most and foremost I have a logistic problem, as said on a previous post, and unfortunately it looks like this “no-home” thing it’s going to last more than expected.

Not that I couldn’t actually cook or blog, I could do both, but I just feel uncomfortable doing so where I am now.

Yes, it’s a sad thing, because I love to cook, I love to develop recipes, I love to photograph them, I love to blog about them. But it just is not the right place and not the right moment. I can’t use internet as much as I’d need if I want to keep up with my schedule, and I just can’t create a super duper mess in the kitchen like I’d like to do.

Whoa, I can cook, but, who like to cook in a not familiar place and a self-imposed imperative to not create The Chaos? And I emphasize the uppercase. I create the chaos in the kitchen and I LOVE it! It’s part of the process, it’s part of this wonderful art! I love to go messy, to change idea during the process, to make the kitchen very very dirt and then clean it with a big giant smile and a sweet song from the ’50. Ok, maybe I lied exaggerated the last part, but I do actually like to clean the kitchen after The Chaos has been created (way less during normal days).

Red Bean Peanut Salad //

The Vegetarian Survival Guide – Italy!

September 22, 2014 0 0

“Hello, do you serve any vegetarian dish?”

“Mmm, vegetarian like… no meat?”


“Like… no meat at all?”

“Yes, sure!”

“But, like not even chicken or ham, tuna and…”

“No meat and fish AT ALL!”

This is one of those kind of conversation that really really pisses me off, because it happens far too many times!

I get it, why so many people don’t understand vegetarians. They don’t know what they don’t find interesting, I get it (I have a really poor idea of what is Paleo and what is not). But! Vegetarian is very antique and consolidated and… I live in Italy.

Let me tell you some fact about vegetarianism in Italy:

We are 10% of the total population.

6 million people.

6 million.

How it’s even possible that, with a percentage like this, hundreds of thousands of people  don’t know the meaning of vegetarianism.

In any case, Italy offers quite a lot of possibility for vegetarians ( less for vegans).

Even with the “americanization” of food that is bringing lot of cheeseburgers and crap over our tables (but likely also lots of vegetarian and vegan ingredients, superfood and stuff), we have a very strong tradition of veggie cooking.

So, without any more indulging, here some tips and tricks (mostly for the vegetarians out there) to enjoy your holiday in the homeland of pizza, pasta and gelato.

The Vegetarian Survival Guide - Italy -

Low Fat Chocolate Sauce + Berry Jam Dip

September 16, 2014 0 0

Chocolate Sauce + Berry Jam Dip //

Sorry low fat chocolate sauce.

Sorry berry jam.

And sorry almond cookies.

You are not the main characters today. Yes, I know, yours the recipe, yours the glory. Or at least this is how it was supposed to be.

But then Silvia, my beautiful lovely little sister, offered to taste a dipped cookie and gosh, she is so beautiful and camera catching!

Chocolate Sauce + Berry Jam Dip //

And sorry to you too, my dear readers, cause I couldn’t shot some decent photos of this super quick and super easy recipe.

My camera and lens, my eyes, were captured by one of my favourite human being in the world and unfortunately food just happened to be less important.

Chocolate Sauce + Berry Jam Dip //

Date Paste – The Healthiest Natural Sweetener

September 14, 2014 0 0

Date Paste - The Healthiest Natural Sweetener //

My vegan recipe development adventures haven’t started with Green Road to Bliss, but they almost immediately did start with a blog.

Since the very first times of vegan baking and raw experiments, I felt the need to share my experience and sometimes disasters, in order to spread the plant-based vegan message in Italy.

When I opened the blog I felt like nobody cared about vegan dessert, except me, and I was very happy and proud to be the one who shared some inspiration.

I later discovered some very inspiring italian bloggers who already shared tons of great vegan and vegetarian recipes, but they definitely are not as many as in the US. The all blogging movement is not that strong in Italy, even if we apparently have one of the most influential blogger of the world, Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad.

Going back to the old me, at one point I decided I needed a break from the whole blogging thing, and when I started again, I felt like I needed a new “home” for my recipes and especially I needed a new motivation. I wasn’t very successful and I felt like nobody was reading me, which is quite the truth, at least according to Analytics ;)

Date Paste - The Healthiest Natural Sweetener //

Warning: do not put the wooden spoon inside the blender with the blender processing dates. It will (probably) break ;)

Linguine with Green Beans

September 11, 2014 2 0

Linguine with Green Beans //

I was kind of unsure whether to publish this recipe or not.

It seriously is one of the easiest, quick recipe ever, which is a great thing by the way, but sometimes I feel like a blogger should publish elaborated recipes only .

But then I thought that we, all of us, live in the real world, which is made of days full of work, study and various kinds of commitments. Just be real for a moment.

It would be great to eat fabulous meals everyday, in a utopistic imaginary world. The truth is the most of us don’t have time or simply don’t want to prepare super laborious meals 3 times a day, everyday.

I must be honest, I love quick recipes!

Everybody loves quick recipes, and this is totally fine.

Linguine with Green Beans //